weight loss tips for women

       Ten Commandments of Health

  1. You have to read his body as the greatest expression of life.
  2. You must abandon all unnatural, lifeless food and exciting drinks.
  3. You have to feed your body only natural, raw living foods.
  4. You have to devote years of dedicated and selfless service to your health.
  5. You have to restore your body through the right balance of activity and relaxation.
  6. You have to clean their cells, tissues and blood of clean fresh air and sunshine.
  7. You have to give up any food, when your mind and body is not feeling well.
  8. You have to keep your thoughts, words and emotions are clean, quiet and sublime.
  9. You have to constantly replenish their knowledge of the laws of nature, by making it the theme of his life and enjoy his work.
  10. You must obey the laws of nature of health - your right to use that right.

How to stay on the diet

Diet and nutritional advice there are so many, and the choice of one of them now is not much difficulty. However, there is a problem that did not give a lot of people realize their dream, and it sounds briefly: how to stay on the diet?
To finally start to lose weight, you need a boost. Here Prince Charles called his girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles not only dress differently, but also throw off the weight, and she happily expressed its full readiness. I have no doubt that the prospect of becoming a princess would have kept half-starved diet of any woman, but the title does not shine each. The tempting award for "depriving yourself of all the most delicious", the greater the persistence demonstrates losing weight (th). Diet and nutritional advice there are so many, we also add a few tips on how to survive it all.
Repaint the interior of the kitchen in the "cold" colors. Green not only calms the nerves, but also contributes to reduction of appetite. For the same reason, too, it is desirable to get hold of a plate of green, blue, gray. And small - they are even two spoons of porridge impress "the whole enchilada", the main thing - to convince myself of that.
Foreign psychologists found strange fact that if a person eats in front of the mirror, he eats less fatty foods. If you own reflection does not scare you, you can try as an option, additional cost, at any rate, is not required.
The incentive to abandon the sandwich can become a private photograph which you are slim and pretty yourself. Look at it often, and even before the meal - definitely.
When everyone else eat cake or cookies, your destiny - to smell, literally.One of the presentations at the International Congress was dedicated dieticians "as the smell of vanilla in weight reduction." It turns out, is very conducive.
If you still really want to do, then, need to sleep. Trick body illusion dinner (a glass of milk, yogurt or an apple) - and quickly to bed! Studies of American experts have shown that the hormone produced during sleep, accelerate metabolism. Besides dream chew - will not work, and the calories consumed anyway. Besides the problem of excess weight at the same time so solve the problem and a constant lack of sleep. Do not listen to those who teases you, "sleepy fly," you body heals!
As for the use of active physical activities, many experts argue, and today in the shaping and sweating in gyms who want to lose weight is recommended less often. Firstly, because then it is very much want to eat.Secondly, because such an overload can affect the condition of the heart.The only exercise, no objections and is strongly recommended fat men and fatties after 30 years - is having sex.