Proper Weight Loss

One of the most common health problems today is the problem of the proper reduction of excess weight. That's right - it's a health problem, not a cosmetic defect. Excess weight can be a triggering factor, provoking the emergence of many diseases. In addition, the constant dissatisfaction with their own appearance, caused by the excess weight may stimulate the development of depression, which, in turn, triggers a mechanism that destroys the health and privacy rights.
Typically, after a person realizes that he has the weight and with the need to fight, he starts looking for the right way to lose weight. Choosing a way to lose weight, we must remember that all of them can be divided into "right" and "wrong." Consider what it is.
"Wrong" way to lose weight
Of drugs for weight loss.
It clearly the wrong way to include the use of drugs without a doctor's recommendation. In our country, not many certified and officially approved drugs, but most importantly - they are far from harmless and should be taken strictly under doctor's orders after the survey. The use of food additives, can not be considered a way of correct weight loss, at best, they will not help, and at worst can significantly harm.
Popular diet.
Very popular are also a variety of restrictions on food or diet. But it is necessary to remember that incorrectly chosen diet may be at a disadvantage in the body of the important elements that provokes serious chronic diseases. The complete refusal of food or a very strong reduction of its amount can cause the development of anorexia, the effects of which are much harder and faster than the consequences of obesity.
Fitness to exhaustion.
Many believe the most effective and harmless way to lose weight visit the gym. That is correct, but without the correct power exercise will not bring the desired result. You can build muscle mass, which will be hidden under a layer of fat and thus further increase the weight, but you can "drive" weakened body (it is normal for a healthy person load), the heart simply can not stand.
Also, do not help to make a person beautiful and healthy liposuction. Many have resorted to such a radical way to combat obesity in the mistaken belief that after that all their problems will cease.But after liposuction also need to adhere to proper nutrition, the pole is necessary to drastically change your lifestyle.
How to find the "right" way to lose weight??
The essence of the problem is that to do it yourself, it is almost impossible. 
In order to choose the right way to reduce weight , it is necessary to begin to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the whole organism and find out the reasons for which a person fullness. Only then qualified dietitian can make a full menu, which will provide all the necessary human, but does not give an excess of calories. Often the cause of obesity lies in the personal experiences of a man, so you want to support a psychologist to help adjust to a new lifestyle and learn to live in a new way, so that later you do not have to resort to the help of doctors again. After working with these experts you will "know" your body, understand what he needs for normal operation, what kind of food for you and how to be able to organize their time and effort. It is this reduction in weight can be considered correct.