How to Lose Weight after giving Birth

How to lose weight after childbirth: how to start?
Losing weight after giving birth - an urgent task for millions of women, especially for the lucky owners of second and third children. When choosing the optimal diet after birth must take into account some features of the woman's body during this period.Otherwise, you can not only get the desired weight loss, but even harm their own, already weakened health further.
So how to lose weight after giving birth without harm to yourself and your baby?
Firstly, it is necessary initially to calculate the excess weight. The average weight of the baby and amniotic fluid is about 10 kg, and the rest - fat in the waist and hips. And often these same deposits may not appear due to excesses in food, but because of hormonal rebellion.Create a stock of fat on the abdomen and hips to the body during pregnancy is quite normal, even necessary. And the reason for that - the hormone progesterone.
Therefore, to start losing weight after childbirth is necessary to consult a doctor. To normalize hormones - the main task in similar weight loss. Do it without doctor's impossible, especially if the young mother breastfeeds. In this case, you need hormonal herbs and supplements that can pick up a doctor.
Secondly, postpartum weight loss may not be quick. The diet should be planned without extreme constraints. Weight was typed in the first nine months, hence the decline should be at least 8-9 months rather than 3-4 weeks. Therefore, effective in this case will be the following rules.

How to lose weight after giving birth: the basic rules

Replace all the beneficial fat. Pork and lamb to beef and chicken, and boiled or steamed.Greasy garnishes is replaced by cereal that is very useful for young mothers in order to normalize the digestive system. Dairy products should be required to diet, especially if the woman is breastfeeding. Choose milk with a fat content of about 2%, such as yogurt. Butter, cream, after giving birth, it is better to exclude. In any case, the ideal option would be a diet composed by a professional nutritionist.
But fruits and vegetables should be present in large numbers. This applies particularly to green salads. The body after birth due to habits and hormonal features makes all feel the same hunger, as well as during pregnancy. Wanting to lose weight, this habit is necessary to get rid of as soon as possible. To get started, try to fool the body eating green salads in large quantities.They fill the stomach, creating the appearance of dense food, with no extra calories do not contain any fat.
To restore the hormonal levels is important to adjust the metabolism in general. This contributes to frequent meals in small portions. For example, a dinner portion can be divided into two meals, both breakfast and dinner. You eat you all so much the same, but in 6 practices, so always something to chew and feel satiety, not overeating. But for sweet and starchy foods the rules: eat strictly goodies in the morning and only immediately after the main meal.
Try to follow these simple rules and the question of "How to lose weight after giving birth?" You will no longer worry.

These tricks are very important in losing weight immediately after birth. During this period, it is important not to create stress for the body. As we have already developed a habit he would react to new hormonal surges to protect both mother and child. So sweet and do not need to be excluded completely, and fast, too, not worth it. Eksperss diets such as diets or diet Angels physicians in this case fall into the black list. Such measures of weight loss can only get ten extra kilos. It is better to add to their daily habits herbal teas, vitamins. The best exercise would be walking, which can not afford any mom even immediately after giving birth, but what props as wheelchairs will only exacerbate the burden.