Due to accelerated changes in people’s eating habits and lifestyles coupled with increased stress level, the overall health condition of people has decreased. Obesity and digestive ailments such as constipation are common problems among people recently. You can help yourself maintain a healthier condition by taking Glucomannan as a supplement to every day diet!!!

Glucomannan is an ultra high molecular polysaccharide, which has a number of beneficial effects, and which as a form a dietary fiber, is far to any other fiber available worldwide.

Glucomannan is a natural water soluble dietary fiber derived from Konjac root. Glucomannan binds with a variety of substances in the digestive tract to sloe digestion, reduce the absorption of fats and decrease the rate of release of glucose in the blood stream. Glucomannan contains zero calories and is excellent at producing satiety in obese patients.

Clinical Study:
Effect of Glucomannan on Obese patients: A Clinical Trial
Subjects: Obese patients
N=20 (female subjects)
Method: Double blind placebo control study for 8 weeks
Active -1gm (0.035oz) of Glucomannan taken 1hr prior to meals.
No dietary changes – patients can eat/drink whatever they like.
Measurements: Body weight Serum Cholesterol
Triglycerides (Low density lipoprotein cholesterol)
(High density lipoprotein cholesterol)
Results: Significant mean weight loss (5.521 lbs)
Significant reduction of serum cholesterol (21.7 mg/dl)
Significant reduction of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (15.0mg/dl)