How to lose weight - properly and securely

In the fight against overweight, many spend long hours in gyms with little or no avail. But in fact, lose weight is very simple - you just have to know which processes in the body causing a reduction in fat reserves.
To learn how to lose weight properly, says Alexey Korochkin, researcher of the department of exercise therapy and sports medicine SMU.

What is the weight loss?

Real weight loss for many people - a decrease in the body. That is, the mass of fat should be reduced, and the amount of muscle tissue - not increase, but not decrease. After the loss of weight due to muscle tissue - the most common mistake dieters.
Why is it important to know what's going on?"It is not called weight loss and exhaustion, - says Korochkin. - Of course, long-term lose weight some of the muscles still go away, but you should try to do so, mainly to lose fat. "
Correctly choose the type and duration of the load can be, if you understand what processes occur in the body during exercise.
"If a person does not achieve the goal of training - says Korochkin - the desire to train with him is very fast. Especially if he does not understand why he did not get. "
In addition, the understanding of the processes will help to protect yourself from training under the supervision of non-qualified instructors, able to bring you harm.
"These recommendations are fairly general - like Korochkin - in fact, the right to make an individual workout plan, you have to pass a fitness test and receive counseling sports doctor."

What does the training?

How does muscle massHow does the fat massWhat a load of need
UnchangedIncreasingThe load is insufficient. It requires an increase in the total volume of work: a large proportion of aerobic exercise, after which it is necessary to add the power elements.
UnchangedUnchangedLoad supporting character, balanced, allows you to keep volumes and fitness of the body at that level
UnchangedDecreasesThe decrease in body weight due to fat tissue. Achieved by aerobic exercise.
IncreasingIncreasingThe load is insufficient. There, as a rule, after a long vacation.
IncreasingUnchangedThe average load of mostly power character. It is not enough aerobic work
IncreasingDecreasesLoad developing character, which allows to achieve the maximum amount of muscle and minimal - adipose tissue.

The basic rules of weight loss

1. Most of the burden one should get in an aerobic mode. It is this type of training in which the muscles supplied sufficient oxygen.
As a result, optimizes the energy supply of muscle activity and endurance training. That is, power trainers for effective weight loss are not necessary.
2. Training should be regular and lengthy. After weight loss occurs not only during exercise. With regular classes rebuilt metabolism, and the body begins to break down fat tissue rather than store it.
3. The duration of exercise for weight loss - at least 45 minutes. If training lasts a short time, the body uses energy derived from carbohydrates. Splitting adipose tissue does not occur.
4. During the occupation activities better alternate to the muscles do not get tired of the monotonous load, and started to work in the conditions of lack of oxygen.
"You can run, then perform exercises, such as stretching, constantly monitoring your pulse - recommends Korochkin - and finish classes less intense jogging."
5. It is advisable to train 5-6 times a week.


It is very important that the aerobic training also develops endurance. After all, most people who are overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and, therefore, their endurance is reduced.
Weight loss will not occur sharply in the past month under such loads lost half to two kilograms."But it is good - says Korochkin - when fat mass is quickly lost, it is also fast and dialed."

Changing food

Exercise may not be very effective if you do not correct the diet.
1. To lose weight, you must eat enough calories to provide energy. If there are few, classes simply will not remain forces.
2. We must learn to eat their fill, but do not overeat. Often it is enough to just have a leisurely. Sufficient time for the food.
3. It is better to eat a fractional, small meals 4-5 times a day, so during the day did not feel hunger. When the body is constantly hungry, he rebuilt the creation of fat reserves.
4. In the first half of the day in the body there are processes of decay of materials and in the evening - synthesis. Therefore, carbohydrates are better to eat in the morning - they will actively decompose and give energy. And at night to choose, for example, low-calorie dairy products.
5. If you exercise in the evening, and after it the feeling of hunger - eat a little, but did not immediately go to sleep, otherwise the body will starve until morning.

How to lose weight: the main

Training for weight loss - a reduction in fat reserves, and the preservation of the old muscle volume, primarily due to optimization of the processes of decay and synthesis in the body. To lose weight, you have to deal with at least one hour a day, 5-6 times a week. It is not enough to carry out "exercise for weight loss," you need to approach the problem comprehensively.
It is not always necessary to limit the amount eaten - often enough to redistribute caloric intake of meals throughout the day and make a diet more balanced.