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Weight Meter Free for Android

Meter Free Weight - this application to monitor your weight. Just note that the application can keep several records .This will help keep track of your weight and, for example, for the weight of your
partner and children. Application developers Losing weight ideal weight BMI have created an excellent interface that looks pleasant and understandable for the user. Only in a few cases having to enter values ​​by hand, the user can observe quite informative charts and graphs. After the analysis is not difficult to draw the right conclusions. Also help in getting the right conclusions will these calculators ideal body weight and BMI (body mass index). To ensure that users do not forget and do not miss the weighing procedure, the application has an alarm clock that will remind you of this in accordance with the specified dates.

Main features of the application:

The possibility of multiple profiles
The presence of the widget to the home screen
Alarm clock
Built-in BMI calculator
Calculate your ideal weight
Import-export of the application data to a CSV file to save or sync with your other devices

weight loss programs

Weight loss, weight loss programs, weight loss tools Weight loss methods are now becoming increasingly important topic in the media. Probably no one block of commercials will not do today without advertising methods for weight loss. What did not you see in advertisements: the psychological weight loss methods and chemicals for effective weight loss, and folk remedies for weight loss. Radio, television include in their programs subjects related with the means of weight loss. And the results of their actions. For example, the transfer of "health" in the first channel TV, be sure to include the topic of effective weight loss in their shows. They talk about different techniques, such as:

weight loss program at the clinic Bormental. Many people are very happy with this program;
weight loss methods M. Montignac;
method of weight loss doctors Semenova.
Many medical conferences devoted to this vital topic. At these conferences, it tells not only about the different weight loss programs, but also discusses the various medications used for weight loss:

Xenical is very popular;
effectively apply special creams;
Recently, the most popular weight loss program is «Shapeworks». With the help of this program is very effective weight loss. And most importantly, it is safe for health and has a good consistent results.
Weight loss, weight loss programs, weight loss toolsAll mentioned on our website weight loss program is certainly very effective, but the choice of any one of them requires a thorough consultation with a personal consultant for weight loss - in the choice of methods of weight loss is very important not to make a mistake, start with the one that fits individually to your body, and will not cause health problems for you in the future.

Effective weight loss methods. 
Reduces weight, method and means of weight loss The majority of women are unhappy with their weight. There is survey data on which every third woman once in your life lied to friends about the weight. And one in four said partner incorrect information about his size. Why do this if weight loss is now not a problem? Any weight loss program should be individualized. At the same time it is good to consult with a specialist. But if this is not possible - arm yourself with patience and perseverance. Effective weight loss requires a literate approach. Therefore you should explore quite a lot of information to choose from offering a variety of weight loss methods that are suitable for you. To get started is to know that there are various school supplies. Some of them suggested that selection of products must take into account the blood. Thus, the first group of people learn better animal proteins. Hence, their diet should prevail meat and fish. In the second group of blood - is preferable to a vegetarian diet. On the third group - need to be concerned about the presence in the diet of dairy products. Most unlucky owners of the fourth group - it can be anything. Other methods of weight loss - fasting. Designed by the renowned Dr. Paul Bragg. It offers fast one day each week. Needless to add that if you choose this means of losing weight, you first need to consult a doctor. Weight loss can be the result and transition to vegetarianism. This school feeding provides for the refusal of any food non-plant origin. By the way, doctors still recommend that vegetarians consume eggs and even milk. Since the plant protein can not compensate for the lack of an animal, so necessary for our body to build cells and tissues. Rapid weight loss offer numerous low-calorie diets. Unfortunately, many of them do not take into account the minimum needs of the organism in mineral vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to use no more than once or twice a year. In addition, there are now for sale a variety of means at their reception weight loss is guaranteed. The main thing is that these funds are right for you. In addition, there are plenty of unloading or contrasting diets. If you intend to use such methods, weight loss can be achieved by life in a relatively short period of time. Only we must remember that the basis of these diets is severely restricting food or meals one product for two days a week. There are also malouglevodnye, carbohydrate and protein diet. From their names clear preference for how the product will be given. If you are going to use these programs, weight loss, and then the maintenance of a healthy weight for you may become the norm. Since most of these diets requires completely rebuild your system power for a very long time. In addition, there are traditional recipes, weight loss with them, too, has the effect. Although, as a rule, not very long. In any case, an effective weight loss should give not only weight loss, but do not allow him a quick recovery. Unfortunately, the dramatic weight loss just leads to such consequences. That is why you need to competently select suitable for you, in which weight loss will help achieve the main goal: to look healthy, confident and attractive. Remember, whatever you selected school supplies, a nutritionally direction or the system, weight loss should help you to solve their problems, rather than adding new ones. 

How to lose weight - properly and securely

In the fight against overweight, many spend long hours in gyms with little or no avail. But in fact, lose weight is very simple - you just have to know which processes in the body causing a reduction in fat reserves.
To learn how to lose weight properly, says Alexey Korochkin, researcher of the department of exercise therapy and sports medicine SMU.

What is the weight loss?

Real weight loss for many people - a decrease in the body. That is, the mass of fat should be reduced, and the amount of muscle tissue - not increase, but not decrease. After the loss of weight due to muscle tissue - the most common mistake dieters.
Why is it important to know what's going on?"It is not called weight loss and exhaustion, - says Korochkin. - Of course, long-term lose weight some of the muscles still go away, but you should try to do so, mainly to lose fat. "
Correctly choose the type and duration of the load can be, if you understand what processes occur in the body during exercise.
"If a person does not achieve the goal of training - says Korochkin - the desire to train with him is very fast. Especially if he does not understand why he did not get. "
In addition, the understanding of the processes will help to protect yourself from training under the supervision of non-qualified instructors, able to bring you harm.
"These recommendations are fairly general - like Korochkin - in fact, the right to make an individual workout plan, you have to pass a fitness test and receive counseling sports doctor."

What does the training?

How does muscle massHow does the fat massWhat a load of need
UnchangedIncreasingThe load is insufficient. It requires an increase in the total volume of work: a large proportion of aerobic exercise, after which it is necessary to add the power elements.
UnchangedUnchangedLoad supporting character, balanced, allows you to keep volumes and fitness of the body at that level
UnchangedDecreasesThe decrease in body weight due to fat tissue. Achieved by aerobic exercise.
IncreasingIncreasingThe load is insufficient. There, as a rule, after a long vacation.
IncreasingUnchangedThe average load of mostly power character. It is not enough aerobic work
IncreasingDecreasesLoad developing character, which allows to achieve the maximum amount of muscle and minimal - adipose tissue.

The basic rules of weight loss

1. Most of the burden one should get in an aerobic mode. It is this type of training in which the muscles supplied sufficient oxygen.
As a result, optimizes the energy supply of muscle activity and endurance training. That is, power trainers for effective weight loss are not necessary.
2. Training should be regular and lengthy. After weight loss occurs not only during exercise. With regular classes rebuilt metabolism, and the body begins to break down fat tissue rather than store it.
3. The duration of exercise for weight loss - at least 45 minutes. If training lasts a short time, the body uses energy derived from carbohydrates. Splitting adipose tissue does not occur.
4. During the occupation activities better alternate to the muscles do not get tired of the monotonous load, and started to work in the conditions of lack of oxygen.
"You can run, then perform exercises, such as stretching, constantly monitoring your pulse - recommends Korochkin - and finish classes less intense jogging."
5. It is advisable to train 5-6 times a week.


It is very important that the aerobic training also develops endurance. After all, most people who are overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and, therefore, their endurance is reduced.
Weight loss will not occur sharply in the past month under such loads lost half to two kilograms."But it is good - says Korochkin - when fat mass is quickly lost, it is also fast and dialed."

Changing food

Exercise may not be very effective if you do not correct the diet.
1. To lose weight, you must eat enough calories to provide energy. If there are few, classes simply will not remain forces.
2. We must learn to eat their fill, but do not overeat. Often it is enough to just have a leisurely. Sufficient time for the food.
3. It is better to eat a fractional, small meals 4-5 times a day, so during the day did not feel hunger. When the body is constantly hungry, he rebuilt the creation of fat reserves.
4. In the first half of the day in the body there are processes of decay of materials and in the evening - synthesis. Therefore, carbohydrates are better to eat in the morning - they will actively decompose and give energy. And at night to choose, for example, low-calorie dairy products.
5. If you exercise in the evening, and after it the feeling of hunger - eat a little, but did not immediately go to sleep, otherwise the body will starve until morning.

How to lose weight: the main

Training for weight loss - a reduction in fat reserves, and the preservation of the old muscle volume, primarily due to optimization of the processes of decay and synthesis in the body. To lose weight, you have to deal with at least one hour a day, 5-6 times a week. It is not enough to carry out "exercise for weight loss," you need to approach the problem comprehensively.
It is not always necessary to limit the amount eaten - often enough to redistribute caloric intake of meals throughout the day and make a diet more balanced.

Exercises to avoid excess weight

Anyone who begins to engage in fitness for weight loss, usually first conducted inactive lifestyle. That is, his muscles weak, untrained - this is the first. A spine and joints for several years are overweight, meaning they are overwhelmed - this is the second. And when these two conditions are met unsuccessfully at the time of the exercise, a person is injured. This can happen even on those activities that are considered safe for obese people - yoga, Pilates.
Present "CORSET"
Lean forward - a typical practice yoga, gym, aerobics.
Expert opinion. A man of middle age, do not exercise, your back muscles, which form a natural corset of a backbone, in varying degrees of atrophy. If he starts doing the slopes on a large scale, with the weights or very low (trying to get the floor with his hands), then the most likely can get a loss of spinal disc herniation or from pinching a nerve root. Accustom your body to the slopes should be gradual. And it is better not to start with them, and to strengthen the back muscles.
"Plow", "birch", "bridge on the shoulders" - from yoga exercises included in the Pilates exercises. "Birch" - this is when we are lying on your back, lift legs straight up, lifting your buttocks off the floor and propped her arms under the waist. When omit legs behind his head - this is the "plow".Well, the "bridge" everyone knows from school.
Expert opinion. These exercises help improve the mobility of the upper body, neck and lumbar spine. However, if the muscular corset back atrophied and there is a predisposition, and obese people it is always there, to squeeze the spinal disc herniation is very simple.
Right and left
Side bends typical for yoga (eg "side-angle pose"), yet they often do as an exercise for the waist.
Expert opinion. The most unnatural movement is when your feet are on the floor, and the case moves to the side, bending over or turning around.Stifle torsional side is not designed by nature, his task - bending and extending in the same plane. In this exercise takes place gipernagruzka on the meniscus - cartilage pad between the bones in the knee joint. And if there are already changes in it, and in overweight people, this occurs almost always, they are tearing the meniscus when doing unnatural for joint movement.
Housing rotation to the side - is another way to achieve the thin waist.
Expert opinion. Spine twists from side to side and in general for "twisting" the movement of nature is not designed, especially with weights. If you make such turns with large amplitude and long, it can cause inflammation in the small joints of the spine. At the same time, if the amplitude is small and a bit of repeats, the exercise is quite acceptable.
Various squats and lunges - the best way to bring in the form of the thigh and buttocks. These exercises include virtually all the complexes.
Expert opinion. Powerful load on the knee, ankle and hip joints. The most dangerous - to squat too low, so that the angles of the joints become acute. This leads to injury of cartilage and ligaments of the knee. It may also happen podvorot ankle, and overload may start the inflammation of the hip joint. Squats and lunges - really very effective exercises, only do they have to be very carefully and gradually, and under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Step platform - the constant hit of group aerobics and strength training.
Expert opinion. Step platform - a step, walking up the stairs - is a load on the ankle and knees. Complete people and so their loads, and imagine how it will be on the stairs during step aerobics! No wonder if the joints react to inflammatory processes. Further, the stability of the knee joint provides the quadriceps femoris (quadriceps). This is one of the major muscles of the body located on the front of the thigh. In sedentary person, it is very poorly developed, instead of on her hip a lot of adipose tissue. And if the quadriceps is not developed, the entire burden is on the thigh bone, which increases the risk of injury and pathological changes in bones and joints.
Direct knees - a mandatory requirement in yoga, at inclinations, for stretching the legs while sitting or standing.
Expert opinion. Absolutely straight knees - not physiologic position. In everyday life, people will not accept this. Even when you are sitting, legs stretched, knees slightly bent. And overweight people tend to already have osteoarthritis of the knee. Unnatural straightening the knee can lead to the progression of osteoarthritis, meniscus tear or tendon tear (not sustain ligaments). But if you do stretching slowly, it will improve blood circulation in the joints.
Calm, not panic!
A bit shocking all of this information, is not it? But let's reacted to that learned without panic. All of these exercises can be done, but only when the person has already been prepared for such a load. If you're new, and also untrained, your main task - to take care of the joints, and to do to strengthen the muscles. Therefore to begin full people better with exercise in the water, and then choose a load that involve the work of the different groups of muscles and introduced very gradually.
Ideally we need an experienced instructor, who knows the characteristics of the musculoskeletal system of people with more weight. If you are alone, not bad at first to come to the orthopedic surgeon and ask: "What I can and can not do at the gym?" If this is not available, then at least choose those exercises in which the movement of the joint is given comfortable. If you have to force "push" a joint position, which requires complex or coach - do not do it.

weight loss tips for women

       Ten Commandments of Health

  1. You have to read his body as the greatest expression of life.
  2. You must abandon all unnatural, lifeless food and exciting drinks.
  3. You have to feed your body only natural, raw living foods.
  4. You have to devote years of dedicated and selfless service to your health.
  5. You have to restore your body through the right balance of activity and relaxation.
  6. You have to clean their cells, tissues and blood of clean fresh air and sunshine.
  7. You have to give up any food, when your mind and body is not feeling well.
  8. You have to keep your thoughts, words and emotions are clean, quiet and sublime.
  9. You have to constantly replenish their knowledge of the laws of nature, by making it the theme of his life and enjoy his work.
  10. You must obey the laws of nature of health - your right to use that right.

How to stay on the diet

Diet and nutritional advice there are so many, and the choice of one of them now is not much difficulty. However, there is a problem that did not give a lot of people realize their dream, and it sounds briefly: how to stay on the diet?
To finally start to lose weight, you need a boost. Here Prince Charles called his girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles not only dress differently, but also throw off the weight, and she happily expressed its full readiness. I have no doubt that the prospect of becoming a princess would have kept half-starved diet of any woman, but the title does not shine each. The tempting award for "depriving yourself of all the most delicious", the greater the persistence demonstrates losing weight (th). Diet and nutritional advice there are so many, we also add a few tips on how to survive it all.
Repaint the interior of the kitchen in the "cold" colors. Green not only calms the nerves, but also contributes to reduction of appetite. For the same reason, too, it is desirable to get hold of a plate of green, blue, gray. And small - they are even two spoons of porridge impress "the whole enchilada", the main thing - to convince myself of that.
Foreign psychologists found strange fact that if a person eats in front of the mirror, he eats less fatty foods. If you own reflection does not scare you, you can try as an option, additional cost, at any rate, is not required.
The incentive to abandon the sandwich can become a private photograph which you are slim and pretty yourself. Look at it often, and even before the meal - definitely.
When everyone else eat cake or cookies, your destiny - to smell, literally.One of the presentations at the International Congress was dedicated dieticians "as the smell of vanilla in weight reduction." It turns out, is very conducive.
If you still really want to do, then, need to sleep. Trick body illusion dinner (a glass of milk, yogurt or an apple) - and quickly to bed! Studies of American experts have shown that the hormone produced during sleep, accelerate metabolism. Besides dream chew - will not work, and the calories consumed anyway. Besides the problem of excess weight at the same time so solve the problem and a constant lack of sleep. Do not listen to those who teases you, "sleepy fly," you body heals!
As for the use of active physical activities, many experts argue, and today in the shaping and sweating in gyms who want to lose weight is recommended less often. Firstly, because then it is very much want to eat.Secondly, because such an overload can affect the condition of the heart.The only exercise, no objections and is strongly recommended fat men and fatties after 30 years - is having sex.

Exercises at home for quick weight loss

Exercise is an important part of any normal methods of weight loss. But given our time with you, it would be useful to know what exercises are most effective for weight loss.
In the broadest sense, there are two types of exercises: aerobic and strength. Each of these different promotes weight loss. Aerobic exercise burns calories just during their execution. Strength exercise is mainly to help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, so you begin to spend more calories while at rest. The metabolism is accelerated and you actually burn more calories as it increases your muscle mass, and to maintain the vital functions of muscle cells need more energy to maintain than fat cells.

Here are 5 tips to perform both aerobic and strength exercises. You can make them at home and quickly lose weight.
Tip 1. Squats. Gluteal muscles and leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Every day, you stand in front of a mirror with your feet shoulder width apart, looking in front of him and without taking the heels off the floor, squat 10-20 times.Perform 2-3 sets. As the load increases, you can perform squats with dumbbells. Do not forget to warm up before performing this exercise. Felt a sharp pain in the knees, the execution of this exercise should be stopped.
Tip 2. Push-ups. Push-ups are a form of strength training. During pushups your arms and shoulders working with 70% of your body weight. Do 2-3 sets of 20 push-ups to strengthen your arms and shoulders, and accelerate metabolism. 
Tip 3. Jumping rope. It's a great aerobic exercise that gives you a good workout on the whole body. Do 4-5 sets of 20 jumps. 
Tip 4. Fast Walking. Walking alone is a good aerobic exercise. Fast walking is good for burning fat. Regularly arrange a walk with brisk walking. Try to maintain a fast pace as long as possible. If you find it hard, the alternate fast paced with moderate at specified intervals.Step - is a great way to burn calories. You can use the means at hand, but it is better to buy a special step-platform (height ~ 38cm). Start with 2-3 sets of 20 times. Exercise great help not only lose weight, but also forms the shape of the leg muscles and buttocks.

A liquid diet is safe to lose weight 10-15 kg in two weeks

Liquid diets provide a guaranteed weight loss. In terms of weight loss - it is the most effective diet. 

Types of liquid diets

There are dozens of different types of liquid diet. Some of them are based on the use of natural juice, others - to the use of milk or dairy products. The well-known kefir diet is also one of the modifications of the liquid diet. And even starvation across the field Brega when you can not use anything other than water, can also be attributed to liquid diets. Some liquid diets, mainly consisting of natural fruit juices are safe enough for the body, others - can pose a real threat to health. As I wrote above, this is the most effective diet. It is possible for them not only to reset the maximum number of kilograms, but also effectively clean their gastrointestinal tract. With the right approach, such a diet can be very useful for the organism. However, a variety of complications are possible, so I always advise, before you start losing weight, visit a nutritionist. Together with your doctor you develop a diet that will be individually is focused on you, and will take full account of all your needs. Seriously, at this stage, is not worth saving, the more that consultation with a nutritionist is quite a bit. 

Menu liquid diet

First, I tell about how to go on a diet, and then write the menu. Before you start, you need to prepare your body so it can adapt to future food restrictions. The preparatory period takes three days. The preparatory period (3 days): The first day of Breakfast (8:00): semolina in milk. Lunch (10:15): a cup of yogurt. Lunch (13:00): a thick vegetable soup on top 200 grams of boiled beef in the second, one slice of bread. Snack (16:00): one apple. Dinner (19:00): steamed vegetables. Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt. The second day breakfast (8:00): steamed vegetables . The second breakfast (10:15): a glass of milk.Lunch: (13:00): buckwheat porridge without butter, 100 grams of boiled beef, fresh herbs (parsley, dill, cilantro). Afternoon (16:00) ten cashew. Dinner (19:00): mashed potatoes with milk (without butter and salt). Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt.The third day Breakfast (8:00): 200 grams of liquid mashed potatoes (without milk and salt, crushed potato bred broth in where it is boiled). Lunch (10:15): cup of chamomile tea. Lunch: (13:00): 200 grams of grated carrots with a tablespoon of honey. Afternoon (16:00): a cup of yogurt. Dinner (19:00) 200 grams of liquid mashed potatoes (as well as in the morning).Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt. Remember, the preparation period is very important. You must log in prepared diet that the organism was not too much stress and the first days of a process of losing weight. During these three days accustom themselves to use boiled water instead of tea, it seems tasteless at first, but then, after 3-5 days, you get used to! Hot water helps to keep the temperature balance of the body, not spending it reduced food resources. In the next 14 days you will have to help the body in such a way to save calories. The main period (14 days): The following quote your daily diet for two weeks.Eat every day the same and have strictly on time. Skipping meals undesirable! 8:00 - 250 grams of oat broth (prepared as follows - half a cup of oats brewed for 30 minutes in 1 liter of water, then filtered content). 9:00 - 200-250 grams of vegetable broth. 10:00 - 250 grams of boiling water. 11:00 - 200-250 grams of juice (fruit juice, dilute with water in a ratio of 3/4 to 1/4 of water juice, the juice can be an apple, pear, grape or orange). 12:00 - 200-250 grams of lean milk. 13:00 - 250 g of boiling water. 14:00 - 250 grams of fruit or berry broth (you can also cook dried fruit compote like). 15:00 - 250 grams of beef broth (prepared as follows - 200 grams of lean beef cut into small pieces, pour 1 liter of water, a little salt the and cook for one hour).16:00 - 250 g of boiling water. 17:00 - 250 g of boiling water. 18:00 - 250 grams of juice (fruit juice, dilute with water in a ratio of 3/4 juice to 1/4 water, juice can be an apple, pear, grape or orange). 19:00 - 250 grams of vegetable broth. 20:00 - 250 g of boiling water. 21:00 - 250 grams of yogurt. At first glance, the diet is hard enough, but it is not so. After the first two days, he seems to have a normal and five days - longer even feel a certain fullness after every meal (even after drinking boiled water).The second part of this diet is over, now we have to talk about the least important period - the final. Out of diet requires certain restrictions, you can not just throw. Even if you suddenly for some reason decide to stop the diet a few days after it began, still you need to walk the final three-day period. The final period (3 days): The first day of Breakfast (8:00): 200 grams of liquid mashed potatoes. Lunch (10:15): cup of chamomile tea. Lunch: (13:00): 200 grams of grated carrots with a tablespoon of honey. Afternoon (16:00): a cup of yogurt. Dinner (19:00): 200 grams of liquid potato puree. Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt. The second day breakfast (8:00 AM): steamed vegetables - 250 grams. The second breakfast (10:15): a glass of skim milk. Lunch: (13:00): buckwheat porridge without butter, herbs (parsley, dill, cilantro). Afternoon (16:00) ten cashew. Dinner (19:00): mashed potatoes with milk (no butter). Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt. The third day Breakfast (8:00): semolina in milk. Lunch (10:15): a cup of yogurt. Lunch (13:00): a thick vegetable soup on top, 200 grams of boiled beef in the second, one slice of bread. Snack (16:00): one apple. Dinner (19:00): steamed vegetables. Before going to bed 1 cup of yogurt. After that, we can assume a complete diet. 

Body weight: weight loss

The main reasons for weight loss - is to increase energy, loss of nutrients in the feces or urine and malnutrition. These reasons may be combined. The most common cause - is malnutrition due to loss of appetite, impaired patency of the esophagus or impared patency of the stomach due to stricture, or compression of germination malignancyEnergy costs are rising at a thyrotoxicosis, pheochromocytoma, and considerable physical exertion. Loss of nutrients commonly associated withglucosuria when diabetes or steatorrhea in the syndromes of malabsorption. The most common cause of steatorrhea - a chronic pancreatitis with the alcoholism; moreover, malabsorption may accompany intestinal lymphoma, celiac disease, tumor of the islet cells (somatostatin, gastrinoma),radiation damage, obstruction of the biliary tract, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and many other diseases.

Although all of the studies found patients losing weight for no apparent reason, a significant intentional weight loss almost always talking about serious illness. Even if the initial examination did not reveal any pathology, patient care should be monitored regularly and periodically repeat the survey, as many diseases that lead to weight loss, can occur for a long time hidden.
Weight loss, combined with increased appetite often occurs in diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, andsyndromes of malabsorption. Leukemia, lymphoma, and Hodgkin's disease is also sometimes accompanied by weight loss at normal or increased appetite.
Reasons for weight loss in large prospective studies have not yet been studied, and five retrospective studies conducted since 1981, have included too few patients, so all the results suggestive. The most likely diagnosis in young people - is diabetes, hyperthyroidism, anorexianervosa, and infectious diseases, especially HIV infection. Older significant weight loss is most often associated with malignant tumors, and in second place with a large backlog are mental illnesses,such as Alzheimer's disease and depression.

Weight loss, emaciation

Weight loss (wasting) - a frequent sign of illness. Drastic weight loss is called exhaustion and cachexia (the latter term is often used to refer to extreme exhaustion). Moderate weight loss may not be the only symptom of the disease, but are normal, due to the constitutional aspect of the body, such as in patients with asthenic body type.

Reasons for weight loss
Restriction mealImpaired consciousnessTraumatic brain injury, stroke.
DysphagiaTumors, narrowing of the esophagus, larynx.
Decreased appetiteAnorexia nervosa, intoxication.
IndigestionViolation of digestion of proteins, fatsAtrophic gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis
Malabsorption of nutrientsCeliac disease, enteritis, colitis.
Infringement of metabolism (metabolism)Prevalence of fracture processes (catabolism) of the synthesis processSerious injuries, burns, cancer, endocrine pathology, diseases of the connective tissue.

In what diseases occur weight loss:
- Acute and chronic infections and parasitic diseases (intestinal infection, tuberculosis, syphilis, malaria, amoebiasis, helminth infections, HIV infection) 
- Diseases of the digestive tract (esophageal stricture, scar pyloric stenosis, malabsorption syndrome, chronic enterocolitis , liver cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis) 
- Eating disorders (bulimia nervosa, anorexia) 
- Cancer  
The basis of weight loss may be insufficient or inadequate diet, violation of digestion, increased decay in the body of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and increased energy consumption (due to exogenous and endogenous). Often these mechanisms are combined. In various diseases of the time of appearance, severity, and specific mechanisms of weight loss are significantly different.
Weight loss can lead to both external factors (restricting food intake, trauma, infection) and internal (metabolic disorders, digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body).
- Prolonged emotional stress (loss of appetite) 
In all malignant tumors in the body of patients with a tumor cell takes metabolites (glucose, lipids, vitamins), which leads to disruption of the biochemical processes going on exhaustion of internal resources and develops cachexia (wasting). It is characterized by severe weakness, reduced work capacity and the possibility of daily tasks, reduced or lack of appetite. Many cancer patients is cancer cachexia is the immediate cause of death.
Weight loss - as the leading symptom is characteristic of certain endocrine disorders (hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, diabetes mellitus type 1). Under these conditions is a violation of development of various hormones, which leads to a serious breakdown of the metabolic processes in the body.
Thyrotoxicosis - a syndrome which includes conditions caused by an increase of thyroid hormones in the blood. In the body, there is an increased decay processes of protein and glycogen, reduced their content in heart, liver and muscles. It is manifested by general weakness, tearfulness, mood instability. Worry about heart attacks, arrhythmias, sweating, hand tremors. An important symptom is weight loss when stored appetite. It occurs in diffuse toxic goiter, toxic adenoma, the initial stage of autoimmune thyroiditis.
Hypopituitarism - a syndrome that develops due to inadequate secretion of anterior pituitary hormones. It occurs when the pituitary tumors, infectious diseases (meningoentsifality). Manifested by progressive weight loss (up to 8 kg per month) with the development of wasting (cachexia), expressed general weakness, dry skin, apathy, decreased muscle tone, faintness.
Type 1 diabetes - a disease caused by an absolute lack of insulin resulting from the autoimmune destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas, which leads to disruption of all types of metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism primarily (there is an increase in blood glucose, and its isolation in the urine). The debut of the disease occurs in childhood and adolescence, and progresses rapidly. The most common symptoms of the disease - a thirst, frequent urination, dry and itchy skin, progressive weight loss despite increased appetite, abdominal pain.
Intoxication syndrome is typical for infectious diseases, tuberculosis, helminthiasis. The causative agent of the disease, penetrating into the human body produces toxins that have a damaging effect on cell structure, disrupt the immune regulation occurs disorder function of various organs and systems. It is manifested febrile or low grade fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, increased sweating, weakness. Significant weight loss is characteristic of the current long-term, chronic infections.
Tuberculosis - is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is characterized by the formation of specific granulomas in various organs and tissues. The most common form of TB - tuberculosis of the lungs, which in addition to intoxication syndrome is characterized by a dry cough or sputum, shortness of breath, chest pain associated with breathing, coughing up blood, pulmonary hemorrhage.
Helminthiasis - human parasitic diseases caused by various representatives of the lower worms - worms. They secrete toxic substances that cause intoxication and violate the processes of digestion.
For helminthisms characterized by a gradual progression of the disease, weakness, abdominal pain associated with food intake, weight loss while maintaining appetite, itching, allergic rashes, the type of urticaria.
A significant loss of body weight, up to cachexia, is not related to the peculiarities of power as a result of immune disorders, characteristic of connective tissue disease - systemic scleroderma and polyarteritis nodosa.
Systemic scleroderma manifests skin lesions of the face and hands in a "dense" edema, shortening and deformity of the fingers, pain and a feeling of stiffness in the muscles, visceral.
For polyarteritis nodosa is characterized by skin changes - marble limbs and trunk, intense pain in the calf muscles, increasing blood pressure.
Weight loss is typical of most diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Acute or chronic inflammation leads to a change in metabolism towards catabolism (destruction), increases the body's need for energy absorption and broken processes digestion. To reduce the pain in the abdomen, patients themselves often restrict food intake. A dyspeptic symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) lead to loss of protein, minerals, electrolytes, which leads to disruption of the delivery of nutrients to the tissues.
Malnutrition - a disease that occurs due to prolonged malnutrition and starvation in the absence of organic disease that could be the cause of weight loss. It is characterized by progressive weight loss. There are two forms: cachectic (dry) and swelling. In the initial stages, it shows increased appetite, thirst, severe weakness. Is a violation of water-electrolyte metabolism, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). Then, growing weakness, patients lose the ability to care for himself, and developed hungry (alimentary dystrophic) coma. The causes of the disease: social catastrophes (famine), mental illness, anorexia nervosa (refusal to take food out of a desire to lose weight).