The Best Way to Lose Weight

When it comes to what the best way to lose weight, start a heated debate. And if about movies and music can argue endlessly, here's how to lose weight - something more specific, the results of which can be measured. It is only at first glance. In fact, to determine the best way to lose weight is just as difficult to choose the best color.

The main argument in this argument - a scientifically proven fact that even the best way to lose weight, including diet and exercise facilities, is effective only 30-40%. The reason is simple - every person is different. Someone enough to stop eating sweet, well someone can sit on the very unsuccessfully strict diet for years. That is why today the most effective and, therefore, the best way to lose weight, it is considered a personal plan, including individually designed personal diet.
The purpose of the best diet is not just to save people from unnecessary kilograms. Any nutritionist can explain: to lose weight easily, but it is much more difficult to keep, and it can be done only build the right system power. It is a system, not a list of what is possible and what is not. Experts believe that the best way to lose weight is one in which small indulgences, you can do the usual daily diet.

Personal considered the best diet for weight loss and because of the individual approach. Choosing advertised from a variety of popular diet, we often focus on taste preferences, and this is partly true.However, proper diet should take into account many other factors cause weight gain deferred and chronic diseases, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, available at the beginning of the weight loss lifestyle, successful or unsuccessful previous attempts to lose weight, especially hormonal.There are cases when an experienced nutritionist advises undergo general examination, consultation with other specialists, and only then decide what the best way to lose weight, just for you.

Determining the causes of weight gain

The next important point in choosing a personal way of losing weight - the reason for weight gain.If you move a lot, but there is too much weight will increase. If there are products with a large number of dyes, preservatives, salts and the products causing the formation of slag, the effect is the same. Someone diet is necessary, first of all, learn to cope with stress than through food.Sometimes it is necessary to normalize hormones, and only then begin to lose weight. Personal diet in the first place must take into account is the cause of excess weight. If you can not be examined by specialists, sometimes offered detailed profile. Many of the questions it seem strange and unnecessary, but it is only for the layman.
Making personalized diet can be independent. This is often less effective than in consultation with a specialist, but still many times better than any diet popularized. The main thing that nutritionists advise to start watching them. Keep a food diary: write down all the way up to two cookies with tea and apple between lunch and breakfast. Statistics have shown that most people with excess weight, absorb 40% of calories unconsciously. Looking diary, almost all are surprised how much they are actually eating. Perhaps even such a simple self-examination allows to adjust the power supply system. If this seems not enough - read about popular diets and choose from each of what you like. In the end, each mass diet is based on any one, if not the best, the rule of weight loss and trying to bring it to the maximum effect, often at the expense of human health slimming.
However,if you have decided to do away with seriously overweight without trial and error consult a good dietitian. This specialist you select a balanced diet to reduce weight, to determine the minimum required physical activity, as well as support, prompt and come to the rescue in difficult situations.