A healthy diet for weight loss

Save your health and figure is much simpler and more rational than to restore it. Deteriorating health, overweight, planning and childbirth, as well as a number of other reasons forcing people to think seriously about healthy eating. Even if at the moment you do not have health problems and obesity, do not procrastinate care of themselves and proper nutrition.In need of a healthy diet and lifestyle eventually convinced even the skeptics.
A healthy diet for weight loss is designed for a long period, ideally - for life. It is better to say goodbye to the fryer and meet steamer, multivarka, Aerogrill.
A healthy diet for weight loss, of course, requires certain victims, for example, limiting animal fats and products in which a lot of starch and carbohydrate.
Avoid fried to baked, stewed, steamed. Say "no" convenience foods, canned foods, smoking, fatty meals, soft drinks and foods containing excess dyes and other artificial additives. Food "in haste" is also not benefit your body and figure.
The essence of a healthy diet for losing weight and keeping in shape is that it's not just a diet - a way of life. To save the results can not be after two weeks of "right living" to return to the fast fuda and other harmful gastronomic excesses.
Many believe that a healthy diet - it's boring, bland, not tasty and monotone. Every day, the standard menu, no diversity of taste and celebration. This assumption is fundamentally not true. In fact, useful products is not less than the harmful and the skillful preparation, they can be much tastier. There are plenty of delicious and very healthy meals for the whole family.

What should be the basis of a healthy diet for weight loss?

Vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grain cereals - a source of fiber, mineral carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins.
Always present in the diet of animal and plant proteins that are found in lean meat, fish, legumes and nuts. We should not forget about the source of calcium - dairy products. Calcium is the building blocks of the human skeleton, as well as the need for healthy hair, nails and teeth.
Vital to the human product - clean drinking water.Prerequisite healthy diet to lose weight - sufficient water intake. It is water rather than other beverages based on it, such as: tea, coffee, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, juices, etc.
Prefer freshly made vegetable juices, as Most fruit juices contain more sugar and less useful for your figure.
Water, drunk on an empty stomach, "rinse" and triggers the bowels. Before breakfast, it is desirable to use water at room temperature or warm in the water you can add a small amount of lemon juice. For breakfast start can be 20-40 minutes thereafter.
Its a healthy diet, you can easily make yourself, if you have any difficulty with this - refer to an experienced dietitian.
Do not forget about the basic precepts of healthy eating for weight loss:
  • Eat often, but in small portions. Try to eat every day at the same time. So you need to rid the body of fat stores to do in the event of strikes.
  • Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly, so as not to overload the digestive system and get a feeling of fullness.
  • Eat only fresh products. In no case do not have to eat on the principle of "doem, and it will soon deteriorate." Do not cook for the week ahead. Such food will not bring you any good.
  • In no case do not fast, but sometimes arrange fasting days is sometimes useful. - Do not skip breakfast! Never!
  • Do not forget that there is a need to live, not vice versa.
  • Remember - the most important quality, not the quantity of food.
  • Do not forget that a healthy diet is effective for weight loss, coupled with regular exercise. Let it be at least a five-minute morning exercise and walking tour. Any exercise is better than none.
If you want to eat healthy and balanced - refer to the dietician: the specialist will select the correct diet, taking into account your food preferences, particularly the body and your constitution, lifestyle and schedule. You will eat delicious and healthy food, and most importantly - the result will not wait long!

Eat a balanced and get ready to take the surprised cries of relatives and friends with the question "Where are you so thin?" And "How can you look good!"