How to Lose Weight without Harm to Health

For many girls and women today is the question: How to lose weight once and for all, without harm to health and using the easiest and best way to lose weight.
However, true of the question should be: How to lose weight without harm and for all and to get good health. Improper diet is always fraught with potential, even mandatory, for the loss of health and even serious complications. The correct diet can even cope with the current illnesses and prevent them in the future.
First of all, a healthy diet never includes tablets, tea, coffee for weight loss. Tea with ginger, green tea, cinnamon, herbal infusions - it may be present in the diet, and does not hurt, even apart from the process of weight loss. A variety of medications drugs reklamirumye as a way to lose weight without harm to health, or do not give any result or have a serious impact on the nervous system, liver and even the heart.
Secondly, if the excess weight is large and you are planning to lose weight for a long time, that is correct, then it makes sense to consult a specialist. Weight loss without damage to the body if it is not spontaneous and planned, it is always a kind of stress. Dietitians, for example, know a lot of what not to read in the women's forum. Individually chosen diet almost always guarantees results, no harm - ie, It saves you from unexpected health problems.
The third important rule: lose weight slowly. Body weight is directly related to the operation of the joints and of the musculo skeletal system, heart and lung, gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys, even. Too fast restructuring of the organism causes inadequate reaction of these systems. If losing weight is more concerned with the question of appearance, it is still not worth it to hurry too rapid weight loss provokes the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, causing considerable damage to health. 
Losing weight is 200-400 grams per day, on the contrary, preserves the beauty and health of the skin, because the skin cover will have time to adapt to change, of course, if the excess weight is not too great.
The fourth rule: lose weight without harm possible not due to the exclusion of anything but complex. Some common diet intended to limit the mass of the body in the amount of water consumed, others offer to give up entirely on the salt, the third call to completely eliminate fats and carbohydrates. But all that is necessary for our body, including salt, and sugar. 
Choosing the right, individually designed diet creates a balance in the body of these substances, which creates an acute shortage of something, but it does not allow to eat too much. Such diets are not intended to strike. They can be called a healthy diet. In fact, the extra weight will go away, even if you just do not consume extra calories, not just reduce them to a minimum amount. Again, excess calorie deficit can lead to depletion of the body, and this is a serious medical condition that causes significant serious injury.

The fifth rule: attack from all sides. Someone does not like to exercise, but someone not used to restrict your diet. If you have a goal to lose weight without harm to health, to get a beautiful body for a long time, you have to do everything at once. Choose a diet, pick up a set of exercises, begin to carry out beauty treatments (wraps, massages, sauna), produce daily routine, begin to spend more time in the fresh air, get rid of stress, do not forget to encourage the body with vitamins, useful natural herbs. Such an approach will fully maintain, even improve health. Well, going into a habit, a way of life will be an excellent guarantee a very long healthy life.