Mechanism of weight loss

There are thousands of diets, exercise and sports almost Buddhist mantras directed to only one, many exciting challenge - how to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, for many people, this seems to be not so difficult target becomes a matter of life. Not easy to succeed in the endeavor, those who do not know how to motivate yourself properly, used to rely on a random, or just does not understand how the complex mechanism of fat burning our own body.
Like all other processes occurring in our body, the mechanism is subject to more stringent rules. One needs only to be given some time to deal with it - and setting up a normal diet, your weight correction to the required level, will take place very quickly. We collected five components of the mechanism of weight loss, which have been studied by professional nutritionists, biologists and chemists. Consider these details, do not neglect sports - and, after a short time, the mirror will show you a beautiful, slim and healthy person.

Fatigue is not a hindrance

Many people often justify their reluctance to go to the gym after work fatigue. In principle, it is quite clear - the body requires rest. But do not go on about the body: a relatively recent study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, has proven that fatigue can be an excellent tool for dropping excess weight. The fact that already tired muscles have to take from some energy for the work that you are forcing them to commit. The most logical and easiest way to choose the body burn fat. So, next time when you feel too tired - go and occupy.


Perhaps the most effective way to force yourself to do something - tell your friends about it on social networks. This simple act is able to coerce a person to a real miracle, because very few people want to be in the position of a person who does not fulfill its commitments. And this is not just speculation: Dutch scientists from the Rotterdam College, held on the theme of social motivation of the whole trial.It was found that those respondents who had the duty to tell the intention to lose weight in public, really fulfilled its promise - by as much as 93%.

Green, but not tea

At some point, very popular among office workers began to use the so-called green coffee - one that is brewed from unroasted beans. Specialists of the American Society of Chemistry and nutritionists have proved that this drink is not only invigorating, but also very efficiently burn fat cells. Coffee beans contain a large portion of chlorogenic acid, which prevents the absorption of glucose, which is why the study participants managed to lose almost 4 kg. for only two weeks of the experiment.

All time

Nowadays, even to eat on a predetermined schedule can afford not all people. Irregular working hours, indigestion and constant rush lead to that dinner, breakfast and dinner may well turn into one huge "snack" at the end of the day. Moreover, people are coming this way, and even find solace in the fact that they eat "only once a day." Do not repeat these mistakes. Fat burning mechanism works like any other body, in a strict system. Be sure to eat in the morning, not later than three dine, dinner give to the enemy - and your watch will earn in the right direction.