How to overcome the diet plateau

It so happens that you "sit" on a diet, began to engage in sports, introduced some adjustments in the food and makes you upset and indignant weight yet started to decrease. That cock is going down, but suddenly she stopped and did not want to continue their movement to your "cherished" number. So, you have a diet plateau - stop loss. How to overcome it and start losing weight on, if you objectively understand that the goal has not been reached?

Why is the weight at the beginning of the diet "out" faster

At the beginning of the diet, as a rule, all the weight is reduced much more active, because new rules (new diet, and possibly sports). All this body responds, saying goodbye to excess weight quite vividly that should please people wanting to lose weight. Especially since the first time an active body loses fluid. So be honest with yourself: first the body parted not only with fat, but with the liquid. That and "pitches" more.
Over time, the body begins to burn fewer calories. He's used to having plenty of food do not spoil it, so he decided to "save". I understand that diet plateau can come if the weight is in the same place a couple of weeks. Some particularly impulsive ladies begin to sound the alarm when you do not see the result of a few days (if not one). We strongly recommend to do this only once again spoil their nerves. The body - not a machine, and fluctuations in the balance (in one day: minus 100 g, the other: plus 100 grams, or 200-300 g) - is absolutely normal.
Fight the plateau and try to shift the weight on it is possible, if, again, the weight does not move from one point of two weeks (or at least one and a half). Also note that the common causes of dietary plateau are slow metabolism, high or too low blood sugar, "pollution" (slags) of the body, frequently getting into stressful situations, the presence of some kind of food allergy, and so on. D.

Ways to help lose weight more

How to overcome the diet plateau? First, review diet diet and exercise that you perform. You can "play" with calorie. If the body is accustomed to consume on a daily basis, say, 1200 calories, surprise him and give 2000 calories. You can also interchanged sports and diet. For example, in one day - sports more, but less than the portion, and the other - on the contrary. It certainly will help you accelerate your metabolism and lose weight further.
If your diet meals included, for example, 3 times a day, then you can experiment - try to eat fractionally. But contrary to starve or to indulge in all serious crime, food is an obvious mistake. It's probably only will bring all your efforts made previously to the reverse point. Remember, stop loss - a normal phenomenon, which happens in almost all slimming. Come on, all you must succeed!