It is worth the weight - Weight Loss plateau at

In the process of weight loss almost certainly happen a time when despite the continuing efforts of the weight is not reduced.This phenomenon is even a special term - plateau.Before that, they say, everything went downhill, and here - neither there nor here.Kilogram gone kilogram come.Despair, the desire to throw all this, threatening disruption ...
And what on earth to do?
The first - to establish the cause.
There may be more.

The first - a plateau imaginary- the continuing decline in fat mass accumulation masked advancing (delay) of the liquid.Quite often, it happens during the second phase of the cycle.During this period, due to changes in the spectrum of hormones (progesterone production increase) water in a natural way delayed.Sometimes this delay can be quite large, up to 2-3 liters.But the cycle ends, and weight loss resumes or even comes with an advanced rate.

Recommended actions- to continue its efforts.Perhaps if the second phase of the cycle you feel increased appetite, go to supporting the regime, several to expand the power, following the main principle of our diet - limiting fat.Weight in this case it may even increase slightly, but after the end of the cycle in the first few days, all recovered.

The second reason - the inadequacy of the effort.We have something to respect, suffer, lose strength, and weight is not reduced.And because many of our efforts, whatever they may seem to us a logical. Sometimes, on the contrary, contribute to the opposite.Example?You are welcome!Tell me, not eating after a notorious 18 hours, it helps or hinders weight loss?Most believe that helps.And struggling to comply with this abstinence.Starve, suffer, can not sleep, go evil, and in nine cases out of ten break in the first week.And they have taken in a lot, eagerly, and in the evening and at night.Naturally, such a weight from overeating increases.Then again, the man "takes himself in hand", again sits on the half-starved regime, again suffers and is broken again ... soon.Similarly, by the way, work and other traditional standards - giving up sweets ban cream and pasta, food only meat, vegetarianism, separate power supply, etc.

Sometimes it happens that fails to comply with such requirements, and even there is not particularly desirable, but the weight loss is so desirable, is not observed.Just a body save mode and is now spending considerably less, about as skkolko you and give it to the diet.Do you suffer, it is weakening, but losing weight is not in sight - the plateau!On the other hand, is to weaken the effort can begin and increase of weight.That's why nutritionists are increasingly opposed to harsh ill diets.More often, they lead to reduction in energy consumption, a plateau and failures than to weight loss.

How does reduce the consumption of energy?Weakness, lethargy, sensitivity to cold, sleepiness, limited mobility, limited wish "something you do not want anything."In severe cases, there may be dizzy when you try to stand up sharply, and even fainting.

What if this kind of symptoms you are experiencing?Immediately stop torturing yourself and expand the diet.Increase the amount of protein products, lean meat, fish and cheese.There must be added the bread and side dishes - pasta, cereals.The best thing on the background of the expansion of diet and tidal forces expand and motor activity.More walking, toning exercises.Be sure to normalize sleep.By such tactics, we can even expect a decrease in weight.After all, the power consumption of toning exercises can be increased to a much greater extent than the energy from the expansion of the diet.

But even if it does not, do not worry.Relax, normalizes energy consumption, and there can again move more restrictive diet.Only this time be care.Do not resort more to the tough half-starved diets.Disruption of a new round of increase of weight, that's the most frequent consequence of them.Much more sense from the small effort - the feasible limits of fat and sugar, reduce portion sizes, more frequent meals, reasonable relationship to the wounds, and so on, especially if all this is combined with toning workouts and recreational walking, which is known to stimulate lipolysis and decreased appetite.
Finally, the third reason- "exhaustion" motif.

A hundred times wrong those who claim that weight loss starts with the head.I shall only add that it is also continuing exclusively at the behest of our consciousness, or rather, podsozaniya.And when the situation arises, what kind and diet to keep, and training, all of it here a month ago led to weight loss, and there are already four weeks doing everything, but no results, ask yourself, how fast you would lose weight if for every kilogram thrown the government would be paid you a million rubles?It is true because, even if just to imagine that that's a million per kilogram body from one thought filled tone, appears in the eyes shine, but my head is confidence and readiness for challenges.

This is the action of the motive - the desire, the need, desire for a brighter future increases the activity of adrenaline.This hormone, among other effects, its causes the breakdown of fat.And then it's simple: fat splits nutrients from the reserves into the blood, and fill us with satiety, reduces the need for food (what food, if we so fed?) And we are now able to comply with any and sometimes even very strict diet.When the tune of "depleted", everything is exactly the opposite - in the former adrenalin amounts not allocated, the breakdown of fat depot is reduced, it becomes hungry.And then we begin to gradually or break the diet, or still hold, but without the old spark and enthusiasm, and then we have reduced energy consumption.

The problem is that the motive can not be invented, imagined.Look at the way the Internet, this is a very popular topic, "help to lose weight want to share !, motive, tell me what I could tell myself that it really take for himself, to have without any concessions and retreats!".Clearly, any collection motifs exist.And then it was too good to have been: flipped through and selected, for example, motif №13 - lose weight in order to prove a thick boss, that's what she is weak, and you easily, or motif №17 - to lose weight to eat when in a candy cake surrounding ironic not at each other.
Well, seriously, we really can not tell the motive that is appropriate for everyone, but we can at least tell me where this motive should be sought.After all, why rush issyakayaet?Most often because the person in his capacity more lean and slender state does not find for himself something important, something like that, for what further would have to limit myself, something like that, that you would be more expensive than one million rubles .

And not because it is not there looking for.After all, it directs its efforts to reduce the weight of numbers, rather than on improving the quality of their lives and expand their own freedom.Weigh, and then 300 g more - whatever the mood for the whole day is ruined.The next day, he tries to eat even less or do more sit-ups.

Weight loss of tolerance turns into a painful, the body includes saving mode reduces power consumption ... Everything!Hello plateau!

And if he found that he had become slimmer that he felt better, he actually looked younger, one after another began to return to imagine those interests and activities that he left in his youth - a trip, meeting with friends, tireless propaganda activities healthy lifestyle among colleagues.More attention would be given to children to participate in their children's games.

After all, if you look, he started to lose weight because I started to live a bright multi-faceted life.With this approach, it is still full of adrenaline and energy, and weight loss will go much easier.
But I repeat, motif, is a delicate matter.Nothing is invented and currently fail to impress.Participate in noisy games with the children only because the doctor advised, saying that this supposedly harder to lose weight want to - this can not ride.Rental only if there was a true need to be fit, energetic, impetuous, live happily ever after!

MD, Ph.D., a nutritionist, psychotherapist Michael Ginsburg